June 8, 2018
14 days since
our Reunion.

2018 continues to be a milestone year for us!
It is 50 years since we exclaimed to the world,

"We're the greatest of the great!
We're the class of '68!!" 

Festivities to celebrate this once in a lifetime event have been scheduled for the weekend of June 8 & 9, 2018! Please plan to attend one or all of our events!

We have worked hard to keep all of our past reunions in an extremely affordable price range. This reunion--the 50th-- deserves to be a special one! The Reunion Committee is bigger this year than ever before; thanks to so many who are volunteering to make our 50th Reunion VERY special. Our prices are higher than before, but we have never had a reunion with events scheduled on both Friday and Saturday nights! 

We encourage you to spend the weekend in Waco. Things around here have changed in the last 50 years and you will want to see everything! You may sign up for either or both nights; there are several things to entertain you during the day on Saturday. Check out Magnolia Market at the Silos!! You know Waco is proud to be the home to HGTV's "Fixer Upper"!

On a sadder note: 17 of our classmates have passed away since our last reunion in 2013. Do not put off coming to another reunion! Start making plans to join us.

Please spread the word to all of the classmates with whom you may keep in touch!

"50th Reunion" page will explain the events of the week-end and the "Pricing Info" page will tell you the cost for each event, including where to send your check. We will only accept checks or money orders! 
Sign up on the "Classmates" page and submit your profile. You will receive a password; if you don't write it down, next time you visit this site you may need to request your password before you can get back in!

Also, please visit the "Memorial" page to see those classmates who are no longer with us. 

Be sure to check the "Lost Classmates" page to see if you know where these people may be.

A picture says a thousand words--be sure to check out the "Photo Albums" page!

The "RSVP" page will let you do just that.

Our "Travelers" page will let you know about hotel accommodations, recommended restaurants and new things to do in Waco. This page is a work in progress for us!
​Mark your calenders NOW!
June 8 & 9, 2018

Don't miss this fun event!
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