We have tried to keep up with this list for the last 50 years. If we have made a mistake, we are truly sorry. If we have left someone's name off (or if someone has been mistakingly added to the list) we are truly sorry. Please use the "Add a Memorial" button at the bottom to add a classmate's name. You may always use the "Contact Us" button, also.
Garland Adair
Sharon Allen Hooser
Cathy Joyce Anderson
Daryl Barrett
James R. Barrington
Chad Baskin
Brenda Bekkelund
John Boyle
Mike Bradsby

Ronnie Bruce
Jim Bryant
Bill Bullock
Jimmy Cheney
Sharon Cochran
Bill Dagley
Jimmy Dagley
Bryan Daly
Buzz Dozier
Otto Dutschmann
Chesley Farmer
Brenda Flowers Hahn
Greg Gillenwater
Jim Goble
Glenda Gray Lauderdale
Bill Guice
Ginny Harris Pace
John Paul Harvey
Richard Horsak
Susie Hunt
Lane (Skip) Jones
Marc King
Danny Lafferty
Betty Rose McNamara Driscoll
Carol Menefee
Jimmy Moore
Diane Nichols
David O'Malley
Julia Orr
Richard Peterson
Brenda Phillips Pophin
Billy Ray Ramsey
Anne Ressler Meyer
Susan Slayton Scoble
Kinch Smith
Dianne Spencer Stump
Mike Standefer
Danny Stevens
H. Stevens
Bobby Sumner
Mike Teer
Bobby Terry
Mary Threadgill
David Todd
Allen Waddell
Bill Williams
Lynn Wilson Lacy
Harry Wood, III
Rick Woodward


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